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About Us

As a queer therapist of color, I want to help people be the best person they can be—not based on society or social media but based on your free will and values. My clinical focus includes anxiety, stress, women’s issues, marginalized identity issues (race and gender). I use a strength-based approach to help you cultivate the tools you have to achieve your goals because we all have the ability and tools to make the change desired for personal growth. 

Furthermore, my research includes evaluating the narratives of LGBT+ people of color dealing with discrimination through the art of drag performance as a means of identity exploration, self-expression, and resilience. My experience as a martial artist inspired me to develop the Mindfulness Community Martial Arts Program, a somatic therapy program.

Our Philosophy

We all have the ability and tools to make the change desired for personal growth. I’m here to help you cultivate your strengths and help you create the mindset that promotes wellness, growth and success.

Meet Our Team

Myah Knight

Myah Knight

My work is my legacy by providing therapeutic spaces for people to feel valid, empowered. This includes creating a space and mindset for healing and resilience for people living with marginalized and/or intersectional identities. I’m constantly inspired by RuPaul’s quote: “When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you can do.” That is, when we recognize our miraculous image in the midst of systemic and life challenges, it can bring magic to our life’s meaning and experiences.
Scooter Knight

Scooter Knight

Hello. I am 11 years young. Through vicarious experience of Myah's studies and therapy practice, I have become a specialist in emotional support and executive realness. I enjoy walks in the sunshine, scooting, and carrots. My facial expression, ears and wisdom give me great ability for reflective listening and validation.